HOLY MOLY! A REAL WORKING LASER GUN! WHOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I need to go change my pants now. Here’s the story – The US Air Force has unveiled its first hand-held laser weapon that gives security forces a non-lethal option for controlling crowds and protecting areas like checkpoints, according to service officials. While only in prototype form Read More

Dwight Schrute Loves Robots

From Dwight Schrute’s blog on NBC’s The Office webpage – Why are robots always the villains? Why are robots always portrayed as shifty aggressors with ulterior motives? Why can’t robots be taken for what they are. Artificially intelligent creatures who are PROGRAMMED to serve humanity. Whether it be household chores, factory work or the defense Read More

A Tiny Huge Step for Nanotech

A sheet made from nanotubes, tiny carbon tubes only a few times bigger than atoms with remarkable strength and electronic properties. In today’s edition of the journal Science, however, scientists from the University of Texas and Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization report the creation of industry-ready sheets of materials made from nanotubes. Nanotubes Read More

2020 : A Nigerian Space Odyssey

Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo said that Nigeria would have astronauts in space within the next 15 years. Hmm. Okay. More… He said the feat was achievable if the momentum of current development drive was sustained. “In 15 to 25 years, we will put Nigeria into space. We will get there. It is not as unattainable Read More

Cool Pic

I’m not a huge space shuttle freak. I think that the current NASA model of space exploration has completely lost its way from what the space program was originally designed to do – beat the crap out of the Russians. That, and EXPLORE SPACE. All the shuttle seems to be used for now is truckin’ Read More

So…It’s a Horse Riding Exercise Thing, Huh?

This creation, seen below, is called the Joba Horseriding Exercise Machine. It is manufactured in Japan by Matsushita Electrical Works, based in Kadoma, Osaka, in conjunction with Nagoya University in Nagoya, Japan. It’s being called an “indoor fitness machine”. It offers its user the ability to access a form of horseback-riding therapy, which allows the Read More

A New Planet?!

2003 EL61, as it has been currently classified, has been discovered, and it may be another one of those elusive planets that seem to creep up every once in a great while in our solar system. A new found object in our solar system’s outskirts may be larger than any known world after Pluto, scientists Read More

I Will Be 66 Years Old When the World Ends

There is a huge freaking asteroid 2,000 feet long out there in the cosmos called 99942 Apophis. In cosmic terms, 2,000 feet is very small. But what’s so special about this asteroid? It may hit the planet in 2036. The concern: Within the object’s range of possible fly-by distances lie a handful of gravitational “sweet Read More

Paging Rick Deckard…

See the man in the pic to the left? The one with the vaguely girlish hair next to the attractive girl in pink? His name is Hiroshi Ishiguru. He is a professor at Osaka University in Japan. The woman with him is named Repliee Q1, and no, she doesn’t have some cool Dada-esque last name. Read More

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