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Day: June 17, 2005

Electronic Paper

I’d read about E-Paper a couple of years ago, but this is nice tech. A micro-thin Citizen clock.

It utilizes E-Ink, which relies on negatively charged black particles and positively charged white particles. When a backing layer of circuitry either charges negatively or positively, it will draw or repel the particles based on their charge. The display also has an inherently stable “memory effect” which requires no power to maintain the image, drastically increasing the battery life. The result is 1/100 the power consumption of traditional display options.

Citizen has not yet announced a launch date for the product, but it is expected to be sold in Japan starting this year. Plans for the international launch are under consideration, along with other design interpretations.

Give. Me. One. Now.

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Tiles That Reduce Pollution

An Italian tile manufacturer known as Gambarelli has definitely been thinking outside of the box with a new kind of tile they’ve developed. Called the Oxygena line, the new tile, when exposed to sunlight activates a reaction similar to that of chlorophyll photosynthesis in plants. In lab tests one square meter of tile has been able to purify 72 cubic meters of air.

Coated in titanium dioxide, the tile’s photocatalytic properties cause a reaction between air and sunlight where active oxygen is produced which, when it comes in contact with pollutants such as nitrogen monoxide and dioxide (found in vehicle emissions) activates a chemical reaction which destroys the pollutant, transforming it into harmless salts.

So, could you season a tenderloin with some pollution? Pretty cool.

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Say… That’s a Nice Bike…

Look at this bad boy. It’s called the EMBRIO (what it stands for is a mystery to me) and it’s being designed by some Canadian company called Bobadier. From Gizmag-

This hydrogen fuel cell powered, gyroscopically balanced, one-wheeled recreational and commuting vehicle provides an extraordinary vision of the kind of personal transport we could be using 20 years from now. The design brief for Bombadier EMBRIO Concept was to “create highly innovative, functional and exciting products to exceed people’s recreational needs” and find the “next thing” in recreational vehicles. The result is a futuristic and minimalistic one-wheeler that is as about far away as you can get from the conventional image of a uni-cycle – a mode of transport normally associated with circuses and street parades. The riding position will be similar to a motorcycle with a complex series of sensors and gyroscopes balancing passengers on the single wheel. The rider activates a trigger on the left handlebar to accelerate and turns are made by shifting body-weight rather than actually steering.

Sweet. I’d ride one. Very “Minority Report”.

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