Teachers Having Sex with Students

Imagine with me a moment – you’re a 14 year old boy. You’re awkward, lanky, and your voice may still be breaking. Suddenly one of your teachers starts paying attention to you. Lots of attention to you. And she looks like the woman at the left.

Suddenly she wants you to come over to her house. Then you have sex. Twice. Once at her house and once at school.

From the 14 year old boy’s perspective, he’s entered nirvana.

But the teacher, Debra Lafave, was 23 or 24 at the time. She should have known better. Sleeping with a student, who is a minor, is stupid. The girl probably has problems, but now, through her attorney, she is pleading “insanity”.


According to court records, witnesses told investigators that Lafave’s relationship with her teenage student grew flirtatious. They kept in contact that summer.

Police say Lafave had sex with the student in her Riverview town house and again in the portable classroom where she taught English.

During a trip to Ocala, the teen’s aunt saw the pair and called his mother. The teen told his mother about Lafave, and his mother called police. Lafave was arrested on June 21, 2004, after several phone calls between her and the teen were monitored.

That’s insanity? Stupidity, more like it. As a guy who’s about to try to get into teaching, why would you ever put yourself into this sort of position? Did she think this was going to turn into some Mary Kay Letourneau sort of situation? This isn’t insanity.

And what prompts these people (both men and women, mind you) to sleep with students? We would hear rumors in college of this stuff happening, but by that time the students were 18 or older. These are minors, and with it comes the possibility of a statutory rape conviction. Put the words “teacher+sex” into Google and you’ll come up with, approximately, 6,760,000 instances of this. What’s wrong with people?

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