Wireless Monitoring of Laundry

Back in 1990 during my freshman year of college one of my friends had gone home for the weekend with his laundry and had accidentally returned with a pair of his sister’s underwear. We naturally devised a prank on some poor guy who was doing his wash with his girlfriend. As he pulled each item Read More

The New Battlestar Galactica

I’ve written a lot about Lost (well, at least some about it.) on this site, and while I generally think the show is great, it has it’s bumps and dips in the road on its way to perfection. When it’s great, it’s really great, but when it’s mediocre, or just plain bad, it’s bad. I Read More

The First Quantum Computer? 2008

A company going by the moniker of D-Wave is letting it be known that they will produce the world’s first quantum computer in 2008. Quantum machines, a sci-fi staple along with nanotech, would not rely on the traditional bits that today’s computers operate with, but qubits (quantum bits), computing at the molecular level. Take a Read More

Teachers Having Sex with Students

Imagine with me a moment – you’re a 14 year old boy. You’re awkward, lanky, and your voice may still be breaking. Suddenly one of your teachers starts paying attention to you. Lots of attention to you. And she looks like the woman at the left. Suddenly she wants you to come over to her Read More

Clotting Battlefield Wounds with Shrimp

Scientists have developed a bandage that can clot a bullet wound in one minute or less. The magic ingredient? Ground shrimp shells and vinegar, a concoction that has been found to clot blood instantly. The key ingredient in the shrimp shells is called chitosan. The bandages were developed by HemCon, Inc., which develops and markets Read More

The U.N. and the Internet

Smaller, less developed countries are starting to gripe to the U.N. (also known as “Your Future One World Government”) about the influence that the USA has over how the Internet is run worldwide. Key issues range from adding new top-level domains, assigning blocks of IP addresses, and operating the root servers that direct all Internet Read More

ITER Now Scheduled for France

Well, I guess the French can kiss that American money goodbye on the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor. The Japanese got some perks out of letting the Frogs have the reactor ($500 million worth of contracts for constructing ITER could go to Japanese companies, Japan could provide 20% of the 200 researchers in return for meeting Read More

Nanotech Underwear

This is not one of the products of the future that I was looking forward to, but if it gets rid of that sweaty boxer feeling (if you live/have lived in Texas, and you’re a guy, naturally, you know what I mean) then I might give it a try. Some company called Green-shield out of Read More

Smallest Man-Made Organic Particles Created

Don’t feel like paraphrasing. Let’s just block quote – Scientists who have created the smallest precisely crafted organic particles are billing their breakthrough as a potential boon to medicine and technology.The tiny structures could one day be used as vehicles for delivering drugs or genes into the human body or perhaps imaging you from the Read More

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