I’m Lost

I’ve been feeling it for awhile, and I’ve started seeing the same thoughts I’m having start popping up across the internet : I’m probably done with Lost. It was nice and fine when it began, but I think it’s over with. I thought it was a great concept – 40ish people crash land on a Read More

Why Do Adults Dress Up for Halloween?

When I was a kid I loved Halloween, loved dressing up, loved trick-or-treating, loved going out in the dark with my dad and ringing doorbells. It was a wholesome altruistic holiday that I loved and I would try to stretch my candy out as long as I could. Some of it got old, but it Read More

Clerks II! Run For Your Lives!

Clerks II is coming out! Run for you lives! For some of you, you’re wondering what I’m talking about. Like my parents. If you’re like me, you know that Clerks II is a sequel to Clerks, the 1994 film that cleaned up at Sundance and made a star of director Kevin Smith, who, upon finding Read More

My Theory on James Bond

We’re getting a new James Bond film, with a brand freaking new guy playing James Bond, later this year. Yipee. If you’re like me and kind of lost interest in what James Bond does along about when Timothy Dalton took over, you probably won’t care about this new film either. But I like the old Read More


One night Noah was having a pretty hard time trying to go to sleep – he was crying, yelling, whining, general discord. He was up and down, out of bed, back to bed, out of bed again, so on, so on, so on. It was getting old, because by the time that the following exchange Read More

The Red Hot Chili Peppers and NASCAR

Red Hot Chili Peppers, back when I was in high school and college, were pretty anti-establishment. They started out in 1983 and did mainly what I thought was hard-core funk mixed with punk. They wore only socks when they played live, they did gallons of drugs and were pretty promiscuous. And now they’re doing ads Read More

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