The Dead Cat Story

So we were sitting around our apartment in Waco, TX., circa 1993. Taylor was reading by the window, I was working on my Mac Classic at the table, Joel was watching television, Alan was gone. A cat was meowing loudly outside, very loudly, we could all hear it. That went on for a few minutes Read More

The First Supreme Court Case

In all matters constitutional, the Supreme Court rules on the laws of the land. As of now, Chief Justice John Roberts presides over a court consisting of himself, John Paul Stevens, Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer and Samuel Alito. It was under John Jay that the first Read More

Processed Cheese

Processed cheese, American cheese, whatever you call it, is the dollar store of cheeses. Sure, it tastes good on a grilled cheese or on top of a burger, but it’s the chicken nugget of cheese. Processed cheese, according to the FDA, is a “food product” made from regular cheese and sometimes other unfermented dairy ingredients, Read More

July 4, 1999 in Washington, D.C.

We thought it would be pretty cool to go to Washington, D.C. for the Fourth of July, 1999. As you know it was the turn of the millennium (yes, I know that Jan. 1, 2001, was the actual turn of the millennium, so don’t write me about that) and they were going to have an Read More

Putting a Baby into the Shower

A couple of days ago I was getting up and Peyton, the baby of the family, was waking up too. Rather than put him in the bouncy seat, or let him play on the floor and bang a lot of toys on the tile, Kim suggested that I put him into the shower with me.We Read More

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