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Day: May 30, 2008

Why Does Robert Smith Still Wear Makeup?

A long time ago, in a country far far away (England), a man named Robert James Smith started a little musical group called The Cure. They started out small with no one knowing who they were or what they were doing. In the 1980’s they started wearing makeup and dressing in black, mirroring their goth-influenced music that they were making at the time. They started getting famous, releasing their breakthrough album from 1987, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. Songs like “Just Like Heaven” and “Why Can’t I Be You?” propelled them into the American Top 40. After that they just got more successful until it all crescendoed with Wish, and you could say they’ve had a steady decline, much like R.E.M., ever since.

For the whole time the band never really changed, appearance-wise – makeup, black clothing, teased hair. Smith, who’s approaching 50, still pretty much has the same look that he acquired in the early 1980’s.

Why does he still look like this?

David Bowie had his glam phase and he outgrew it. Michael Stipe of previously mentioned R.E.M. even wore makeup for awhile but then he gave it up. What gives, Robert?

Well, maybe he’s a better looking man WITH makeup. Not that he’s a good looking guy to begin with, but yikes, if the makeup improves your look, then continue on, sir. If not, grow up. You just look silly now.