Our Tallest and Shortest Presidents

I just finished reading Geoffrey Perret’s book “Lincoln’s War: The Untold Story of America’s Greatest President as Commander in Chief”. It’s a great read, especially for someone like me who was never very interested in anything to do with the Civil War. In it Abraham Lincoln becomes less mythic, as he has become today, and Read More

Why Does Robert Smith Still Wear Makeup?

A long time ago, in a country far far away (England), a man named Robert James Smith started a little musical group called The Cure. They started out small with no one knowing who they were or what they were doing. In the 1980’s they started wearing makeup and dressing in black, mirroring their goth-influenced Read More

George Lucas Needs to Have Fewer Ideas

I’m a frequent reader of Ain’t It Cool News, the grandfather of all movie rumor sites that was started by rotund Austinite Harry Knowles in 1996. If you want to know something, anything, about an upcoming movie that’s sci-fi or arty or action related it’s the place to check out first. More than likely that Read More

Man, Joe from “Blue’s Clues” is Dumb

Being a dad I have to watch lots of television that I wouldn’t normally want to. I’ve sat through or heard in the background hours upon hours of children’s programs, some awful and some good. I can watch the “Wonderpets” or “Oswald” or “Kipper” but when it comes to “Blue’s Clues” there are 2 camps: Read More

I Am a Beer Snob

The other night I drove over to Central Market. I was ostensibly going there to get Kim some coffee  but the real reason I was going was that I was out of beer. The last Späten Optimator was gone and I’d tried a single of Cooper’s Stout but the Traditional ‘Lost’ Beer  had been missed Read More

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