An Open Letter to Colonel Saul Tigh

Dear Colonel Tigh, Saul, we’ve known each other a long time at this point, you and I. I’ve been watching you intently for three and a half years as you’ve wrestled with the Ambrosia-drinkin’ and put-a-gun-to-your-head demons in your mind and you’ve failed more often than I know you’ve wanted to, but I’ll come right Read More

The Tybee Bomb

It was nearly 4 pm on February 4, 1958, when a B-47 bomber, piloted by Major Howard Richardson and 2 other crew members, lifted off from Homestead Air Force Base near Miami, Florida. There mission that day was to practice to fly tandem with another B-47 and mimic the requirements of a wartime attack on Read More

Charles Manson and the Beach Boys

Dennis Wilson, brother of Brian Wilson and drummer for the Beach Boys, was driving through Malibu in 1968 when he noticed a couple of girls hitchhiking on the side of the road. He picked up the girls, Ella Jo Bailey and Patricia Krenwinkel and took them where they asked him. He saw them hitchhiking again Read More


I forgot – the other night Noah was taking a bath in our bathtub, which is a huge tub made by a company called Jetta. It’s big enough to fit 2 people, so when he takes a bath in there I get in there with him for safety reasons. It’s pretty deep and if something Read More