Boba Fett is a Terrible Bounty Hunter

Boba Fett, for all of his cool street cred and name recognition and raspy voice and supposed toughness, is just not very good at his chosen profession. Bounty hunters have to go after the worst of the worst, they’re basically mercenary police officers, and those kind of people have to have something about them that Read More

The song “Bells” from “Christmas In The Stars” Proves that Earth Exists in the Star Wars Universe

Even though it existed long ago in a galaxy far, far away, the characters of Star Wars appear to know who Albert Einstein was, the proof being the song “Bells” from the 1980 album “Christmas in the Stars: Star Wars Christmas Album”. The plot: C-3PO and R2-D2 have been chatting previously about Christmas (from track Read More

In Defense of a Looooong Academy Awards Show

People always complain about the Academy Awards show; it’s too long, it’s boring, it has all of those lame musical numbers But whether it’s Rob Lowe and Snow White dancing to “Proud Mary” or Savion Glover tap-dancing to the music from Schindler’s List, the musical numbers do serve their purpose. Imagine you’re the one sitting Read More

George Lucas Needs to Have Fewer Ideas

I’m a frequent reader of Ain’t It Cool News, the grandfather of all movie rumor sites that was started by rotund Austinite Harry Knowles in 1996. If you want to know something, anything, about an upcoming movie that’s sci-fi or arty or action related it’s the place to check out first. More than likely that Read More

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