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Why Does Robert Smith Still Wear Makeup?

A long time ago, in a country far far away (England), a man named Robert James Smith started a little musical group called The Cure. They started out small with no one knowing who they were or what they were doing. In the 1980’s they started wearing makeup and dressing in black, mirroring their goth-influenced music that they were making at the time. They started getting famous, releasing their breakthrough album from 1987, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. Songs like “Just Like Heaven” and “Why Can’t I Be You?” propelled them into the American Top 40. After that they just got more successful until it all crescendoed with Wish, and you could say they’ve had a steady decline, much like R.E.M., ever since.

For the whole time the band never really changed, appearance-wise – makeup, black clothing, teased hair. Smith, who’s approaching 50, still pretty much has the same look that he acquired in the early 1980’s.

Why does he still look like this?

David Bowie had his glam phase and he outgrew it. Michael Stipe of previously mentioned R.E.M. even wore makeup for awhile but then he gave it up. What gives, Robert?

Well, maybe he’s a better looking man WITH makeup. Not that he’s a good looking guy to begin with, but yikes, if the makeup improves your look, then continue on, sir. If not, grow up. You just look silly now.

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  1. Caitlin Caitlin

    This is a stupid write up.!!
    Robert Smith and his band The Cure were not influenced by goth as you have stated.
    They started it.!!

    And wearing makeup isnt just because he is unnatractive.
    Its because wearing makeup brings out the real Robert Smith.!!

    He’s a pretty bloke, leave him alone you fool.

    • Glenn Vance Glenn Vance

      Caitlin – if you are reading this, I just found someone who wrote about them, if they said the Cure was influenced by the goth movement it would be hard for me to argue with the original writer of the article.

      And pretty? Come on, here is it without makeup –

      It’s just an opinion piece, Caitlin. Not international diplomacy.

  2. jesus jesus

    the cure first started off being only 3 members in the band and the name of the band was the three imaginary boys they started the goth era!!! fuck all you wanna be goth bands Robert smith has balls for wearing make up and he doesn’t do it for publicity neither. its a fucking expression not like “people” these days!!! he had a lot of problems he literally was cynically depressed because of his past relationships and what not> He’s inspired me to become a song writer and making my own 80’s Gothic band he is a true hero to music!! peace

  3. me me

    uhm… Their first name was “The Group” then “The Obelisk” then “Malice” then “Easy Cure” and it became “The Cure” in 1978 (I think). “Three imaginary boys” is the name of their debut album! And, I agree it may not be the opinion of everyone but I think Robert is a gorgeous man and he still wears makeup and has his hair this for mary, her wife. And one last thing : they aren’t goth at all and they never were! Inform yourself before judging! Thanks.

  4. Ignorant Ignorant

    I’m ignorant too!
    Don’t forget about ME!

  5. Inday Inday

    Make sure you know what you’re talking about before you write, dude, even if it is an opinion piece. You just end up embarassing yourself. Always assume that your readers are intelligent, not a dumb audience just waiting to hear glorious words of enlightenment coming out of your mouth.

    • Glenn Vance Glenn Vance

      Inday – I’ll refer you to the reply I made to Caitlin above. If you can’t say your opinion what kind of authoritarian world is this? Sure, you can think it’s not right, but insulting an opinion just to be insulting ends up making you look boorish.

  6. Ian Ian

    Yeah… but your ‘opinion’ is wrong.

    • Glenn Vance Glenn Vance

      And with Ian’s comment, my lurkers, the comments on this post are closed.

      Thanks for playing!

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