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About Glenn

Born long ago in the latter half of the 20th Century, I graduated from Baylor University, a fine school not renowned for their film department, with a degree in Radio, TV, and Film. I started liking more arty directors but I continued to like actiony films also, dragging my then-girlfriend to see the Stallone-Snipes lovefest, Demolition Man. Anyway, I like most types of film, except for most romantic comedies, teen dance movies or recent Steve Martin films.

I’ve been a project manager of web development for two (vastly) different companies – Trügenius Marketing and Dream Marriage. One is a webdev house with a marketing arm and the other is an international dating conglomerate/consortium/Illuminati-sized organization. I coordinated the construction of many sites for these two companies, including Solomon Associates, Reachout Homecare, Silver Creek Ventures as well as Asian Girls Online and Zarr Pictures. Like I said, vastly different.

I’m also a full-time dad to Noah and Peyton, who are the coolest kids ever. I’m a Vice President at Citi doing CMS development.

This is my blog. Thanks for reading.