The Dead Cat Story

So we were sitting around our apartment in Waco, TX., circa 1993. Taylor was reading by the window, I was working on my Mac Classic at the table, Joel was watching television, Alan was gone. A cat was meowing loudly outside, very loudly, we could all hear it. That went on for a few minutes Read More

The First Supreme Court Case

In all matters constitutional, the Supreme Court rules on the laws of the land. As of now, Chief Justice John Roberts presides over a court consisting of himself, John Paul Stevens, Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer and Samuel Alito. It was under John Jay that the first Read More

Processed Cheese

Processed cheese, American cheese, whatever you call it, is the dollar store of cheeses. Sure, it tastes good on a grilled cheese or on top of a burger, but it’s the chicken nugget of cheese. Processed cheese, according to the FDA, is a “food product” made from regular cheese and sometimes other unfermented dairy ingredients, Read More

July 4, 1999 in Washington, D.C.

We thought it would be pretty cool to go to Washington, D.C. for the Fourth of July, 1999. As you know it was the turn of the millennium (yes, I know that Jan. 1, 2001, was the actual turn of the millennium, so don’t write me about that) and they were going to have an Read More

Mary Young Pickersgill

It was 1814, and the United States and Great Britain had been at war for two years. The city of Baltimore had been preparing for an eventual attack, but sitting in the way of the British was Major George Armistead, commander of Fort McHenry and his bunkered forces in Chesapeake Bay. Knowing that an attack Read More

Bwana Devil, the First Color, American 3-D Film

Bwana Devil, a 1952 film written, directed, and produced by Arch Oboler, is considered to be the first color, American 3-D feature film. It starred Robert Stack (of “Unsolved Mysteries” fame), Barbara Britton, and Nigel Bruce. And on top of all that it started the 3-D film boom! Some legacy, huh? Screen writer Milton Gunzburg Read More

Schoolhouse Rock

Schoolhouse Rock, the series of 41 cartoon shorts that used catchy tunes and repetition to teach kids watching Saturday morning cartoons about math, American history, grammar and science, began as a brainstorm of David McCall when, in 1971, he noticed that his son could sing popular song lyrics but couldn’t handle simple multiplication tables. His Read More

Churchill’s Tastes in Food and Drink

According to Georgina Landemare, the Churchill’s private cook, the Prime Minister was a fan French haut cuisine as well as traditional English dishes like fowl, and roast beef with Yorkshire pudding. He also preferred shellfish to plain old fish. He liked clear soups more than thick, creamy ones, and interestingly, he liked Stilton more than Read More

The Tybee Bomb

It was nearly 4 pm on February 4, 1958, when a B-47 bomber, piloted by Major Howard Richardson and 2 other crew members, lifted off from Homestead Air Force Base near Miami, Florida. There mission that day was to practice to fly tandem with another B-47 and mimic the requirements of a wartime attack on Read More

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