Why I Would be a Super Villain

I love Batman. Always have. Always will. I sucked it up and watched all but one of the 80’s/90’s Batman movies Batman & Robin. (Why anyone would look at that and think it was good is just crazy) and used to collect the comic books off and on, watched the crummy 60’s TV show in Read More

Dwight Schrute Loves Robots

From Dwight Schrute’s blog on NBC’s The Office webpage – Why are robots always the villains? Why are robots always portrayed as shifty aggressors with ulterior motives? Why can’t robots be taken for what they are. Artificially intelligent creatures who are PROGRAMMED to serve humanity. Whether it be household chores, factory work or the defense Read More

I Will Be 66 Years Old When the World Ends

There is a huge freaking asteroid 2,000 feet long out there in the cosmos called 99942 Apophis. In cosmic terms, 2,000 feet is very small. But what’s so special about this asteroid? It may hit the planet in 2036. The concern: Within the object’s range of possible fly-by distances lie a handful of gravitational “sweet Read More

Wireless Monitoring of Laundry

Back in 1990 during my freshman year of college one of my friends had gone home for the weekend with his laundry and had accidentally returned with a pair of his sister’s underwear. We naturally devised a prank on some poor guy who was doing his wash with his girlfriend. As he pulled each item Read More

Teachers Having Sex with Students

Imagine with me a moment – you’re a 14 year old boy. You’re awkward, lanky, and your voice may still be breaking. Suddenly one of your teachers starts paying attention to you. Lots of attention to you. And she looks like the woman at the left. Suddenly she wants you to come over to her Read More

ITER Now Scheduled for France

Well, I guess the French can kiss that American money goodbye on the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor. The Japanese got some perks out of letting the Frogs have the reactor ($500 million worth of contracts for constructing ITER could go to Japanese companies, Japan could provide 20% of the 200 researchers in return for meeting Read More