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After Seeing The House of Sand and Fog, I Will Never Buy a Repossessed House

As I was racing to work this morning I heard a bit on the radio this morning about the government selling repossessed houses and how you could get them at super deals, because the government isn’t into selling real estate and you could get an incredible deal on some former drug dealer’s house or something. I mention this because if you’ve ever seen The House of Sand and Fog, you would probably not want to buy a repossessed house. Everything that could go wrong for the people that buy Jennifer Connelly’s house goes wrong, mainly, every member of the family dies. One is shot and killed by the married police officer boyfriend of Connelly, one is poisoned, and another suffocates himself.

As far as happily ever after, this is not. So why take the chance you’ll either be shot, poisoned or suffocated and even think about buying a repossessed house?

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