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Clerks II! Run For Your Lives!

Clerks II is coming out! Run for you lives!

For some of you, you’re wondering what I’m talking about. Like my parents. If you’re like me, you know that Clerks II is a sequel to Clerks, the 1994 film that cleaned up at Sundance and made a star of director Kevin Smith, who, upon finding out his film had been selected for Sundance, had to close up the convenience store he was working at at the time. It was a great rags to riches story, very Capra-esque.

At the time I loved Clerks. At the time.

After repeated viewings I think it grows less and less funny, but that first time that you see it it is hilarious, usually. It’s very much a guy comedy, though, I don’t know many girls that like Clerks.

And then he started making movies, none of which really did as well as Clerks. It’s like the story of a band’s 2nd album : the first album took 8 years to make, the 2nd, 3 months. And they’re never as good.

He made Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma and then Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. After that came the worst of the worst, from what I hear, yes I haven’t seen it, Jersey Girl.

And now, with failure staring him in the face, he comes full circle with what made him popular. A Clerks sequel.


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