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Why Do Adults Dress Up for Halloween?

When I was a kid I loved Halloween, loved dressing up, loved trick-or-treating, loved going out in the dark with my dad and ringing doorbells. It was a wholesome altruistic holiday that I loved and I would try to stretch my candy out as long as I could. Some of it got old, but it was procured honestly, and for that it was all the more wonderful. Then I got older and I didn’t go trick-or-treating anymore. I stopped, because it was a kiddie thing and I was all grown up, you know. I hated hated the kids that would trick-or-treat when they were 16 and 17 years old. It was pathetic and lame, especially when they didn’t even dress up. I never opened the door for teenagers. I didn’t buy candy for teens, I bought it for the little kids who were out for the fun of it.

I also didn’t want to dress up anymore once I was older. Spending time figuring out what I was going to dress up as, putting it together, go out and beg for candy. I was a dad now, why did I want to figure out another freaking costume?

So tomorrow night when we go trick-or-treating with Noah, I’ll be dressed as a pirate. It will probably be my last time to dress up, because I don’t want to do it anymore. I’d rather watch Noah (and eventually Peyton) have fun trick-or-treating, not taking time to figure out what I’m going to wear, because it’s not about me at this point. I want the kids to have fun and not detract from them.

Man, I don’t want to dress up for trick-or-treating tomorrow night.

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