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The Goldbergs – The First Sitcom

Last updated on July 8, 2022

“The Goldbergs” was a live radio program that was eventually translated for television and became the first sitcom broadcast on American television in 1949.

It followed the lives of the Molly and Jake Goldberg and their family as they made their way through their everyday lives in Brookylyn, NY. Gertrude Berg, the writer-producer behind the show, portrayed Molly and Philip Loeb portrayed her husband Jake. Also on the show were Roslyn Silber and Alfred Ryder Molly and Jake’s children Rosalie and Sammy.

During the first season on CBS, the show was the third most popular program on the air. It was such a popular show that performers from other fields desired to be on the show, like Jan Peerce of the Metropolitan Opera.

It went on to be the 3rd highest rated show for CBS during that time. It eventually went from CBS to NBC to a now none-existent network known as the Dumont network where it ended its run in 1955. 1Parts of this piece came from information from the Internet Movie Database, Wikipedia and the always entertaining TV Party site.

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