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George Lucas Needs to Have Fewer Ideas

I’m a frequent reader of Ain’t It Cool News, the grandfather of all movie rumor sites that was started by rotund Austinite Harry Knowles in 1996. If you want to know something, anything, about an upcoming movie that’s sci-fi or arty or action related it’s the place to check out first. More than likely that movie you care about has already held a promotional screening and someone has written in to the site saying if it was good or not. On top of that they put to print many movie rumors such as upcoming projects, scripts that are in the works and what particular people in Hollywood are going to be working on next. It’s an amazingly comprehensive site for the movie nerd like me.

And so I was perusing it the other day and came across a headline, written with, as usual for AICN, with too many exclamation points –

Lucas Talks INDY 5!!

Wha…? More Indiana Jones movies? Isn’t Harrison Ford getting too old (Of course, it’s not the age, it’s the mileage.) to do this kind of stuff anymore? Shouldn’t he be the loving father in a Sandra Bullock or Kate Hudson movie? Why not an arty drama, Harrison, like the Michael Douglas role you turned down in Traffic?

But then again George Lucas has never seen a bad opportunity to return to the well too many times. The second Star Wars trilogy was enough to prove that and once again Lucas is bringing the anger to himself. From AICN, quoting a Fox News article –

“I haven’t even told Steven or Harrison this,” he said. “But I have an idea to make Shia [LeBeouf[/mfn] the lead character next time and have Harrison [Ford[/mfn] come back like Sean Connery did in the last movie. I can see it working out.

“And it’s not like Harrison is even old. I mean, he’s 65 and he did everything in this movie. The old chemistry is there, and it’s not like he’s an old man. He’s incredibly agile; he looks even better than he did 20 years ago, if you ask me.”

Come on, George! Leave. It. Alone! It was bad enough that you guys had to make just one more Indy film, we might have another 2 or 3 films where Indy is hobbling around while his son is the hero?

Good God, man, when are you going to know when to say when? Stop it! Just stop!

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