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The Potbelly Sandwich Shop is Terrible

Last updated on June 29, 2022

I am a sandwich guy. Love sandwiches. I could live off of them for days and weeks given the opportunity. I even like creating new ways to make sandwiches. Grilled chicken and spicy mustard on a grilled cheese comprised of provolone and mozzarella? Why not?

Jason’s Deli, Which Wich, chopped beef, sliced turkey with honey barbecue, I love them. And if they were sentient and could feel love, they would love me too.

And so I was at Potbelly Sandwich Works the other day with Kim. I ordered the Pizza Sandwich and she got the Turkey Skinny. I had to go back to the house so I took mine with me and she met a client. About twenty minutes passes.

I eat the sandwich when I get home.

Seriously? They call this a Pizza Sandwich? Pepperoni, marinara sauce (whoever put that on pizza?), provolone (again, who put that on pizza?), mushrooms and Italian seasoning. Those are the ingredients that make up the vaunted “Pizza Sandwich”.

It was terrible. Possibly the worst sandwich I’ve ever bought at an establishment that purported to be a sandwich shop. It didn’t taste like pizza, and it didn’t even taste good. It was like the bread was a wet sponge and the “pepperoni” (all two slices) was so low rent that it needed a bailout.

I talked to Kim later and told her the Pizza Sandwich was terrible. She immediately retorted, “My sandwich was terrible too!”

So goodbye and good riddance, Potbelly Sandwich Work. You’ve been in business for 32 years but hopefully you’ll go out of business very soon and stop polluting the world with your crummy “sandwiches”.

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  1. Hey Glenn, sorry to hear about your bad experience with the Pizza sandwich. I must admit I’m a fan of the Wreck on Wheat. I get it with all toppings except for mayo. Try it out, it’s much better.

  2. Glenn Vance Glenn Vance

    Rory – What are ya gonna do? I made up for it by heading over to Which Wich and getting their Pizza Sandwich. Now that’s what a Pizza Sandwich should taste like – lots of pepperoni and cheese. Very tasty.

    – Glenn

  3. Hey Glenn,
    I completely agree with you on that one. I have never been a big fan of their sandwiches. There really are very few good ‘wich places around town.

  4. David David

    I agree, they are pretty nasty. I’ve tried three different sandwiches from there and they all pretty much taste like the same thing…. crusty bread, and salty cheese…even with hardly any cheese on the sandwich. Hardly great value for the money. And what about those “fresh ingredients?” Not a single vegetable or piece of fruit there is fresh, and it’s certainly picked from the lowest produce standards in existence. I’m never spending money there again.

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