My Youngest is Obsessed With Mailboxes

When Peyton and I go out for walks around the neighborhood (which has become more and more frequent since I’ve started working from home) he notices lots of things. He likes to talk to Twister, the horse that lives across the street, and he likes to yell, “RUN!” and then run, and he likes to Read More

I Am a Beer Snob

The other night I drove over to Central Market. I was ostensibly going there to get Kim some coffee  but the real reason I was going was that I was out of beer. The last Späten Optimator was gone and I’d tried a single of Cooper’s Stout but the Traditional ‘Lost’ Beer  had been missed Read More

Putting a Baby into the Shower

A couple of days ago I was getting up and Peyton, the baby of the family, was waking up too. Rather than put him in the bouncy seat, or let him play on the floor and bang a lot of toys on the tile, Kim suggested that I put him into the shower with me.We Read More


You want to know what I just HATE? I mean, really hate doing? Everybody’s got stuff they don’t enjoy doing. Some things that are just completely annoying to me are taking the garbage can down to the street when the can is really full and starts pushing me down the driveway, causing me to think Read More