I Already Know How the Imaginext Dinosaur War Will Turn Out

My son loves Imaginext Dinosaurs, I mean, really loves them, loves them so much that he wants not just one red Tyrannosaurus Rex but also its partner, the looks-just-the-same-except-for-the-color green Tyrannosaurus Rex. Both are named Razor, by the way, but my son never calls them that. It’s always just “T-rex”. And those T-rexs live, of Read More

The Sad, Sorry State of Star Wars Toys

Look at the picture to the left. What is it? Is it the Millennium Falcon? Or is it Han Solo’s pal Chewbacca? Is it both? And what have they done to Chewie’s crotch? What hath Hasbro wrought? What you’re looking at there is a Star Wars Transformer, the latest in a loooooooong line of Kenner/Hasbro Read More

So…It’s a Horse Riding Exercise Thing, Huh?

This creation, seen below, is called the Joba Horseriding Exercise Machine. It is manufactured in Japan by Matsushita Electrical Works, based in Kadoma, Osaka, in conjunction with Nagoya University in Nagoya, Japan. It’s being called an “indoor fitness machine”. It offers its user the ability to access a form of horseback-riding therapy, which allows the Read More