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You want to know what I just HATE? I mean, really hate doing? Everybody’s got stuff they don’t enjoy doing. Some things that are just completely annoying to me are

  • taking the garbage can down to the street when the can is really full and starts pushing me down the driveway, causing me to think that I’ll be crushed by garbage, which, as anyone can tell you, is the dream of all people
  • fighting with Kim about anything
  • cleaning up poop, particularly off of my son’s hands
  • seeing my son drink pee water in the tub

And then there are also things that are mildly annoying, like

  • picking up toys
  • flossing
  • talking to people I don’t want to talk to
  • forgetting that I left my contacts’ case downstairs
  • stubbing my little toe on a piece of furniture
  • realizing that you forgot to get gas in the car
  • not remembering to buy something at the grocery store that you needed after you got home

You know, stuff like that.
But I did something that I just HATE doing just a few minutes ago. I called home and woke up Kim from a nap.

Man, I so hate doing that.

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